Guidance with Enrollment

We are here if you need support and comfort for yourself or a loved one. Call (813) 651-7300, day or night, to speak with our care navigation team about your needs and options for care. If you need to be enrolled in services, our admissions team can meet with you to start the process.

Navigating Services

On the first call, a care navigator will begin to assess your situation and needs. This includes:

  • Collecting your basic information
  • Listening to your concerns
  • Asking questions about your illness, current care and how you wish to live the rest of your life
  • Discussing your care options and helping you decide on the right care for you and your family
  • Collaborating with your physicians and providers to coordinate services and resources that meet your needs and wishes
Admissions Visits

An admissions nurse can come out to have an initial conversation with you at your home, in the hospital or any other place you live or receive care. There is no cost for the visit.

During the conversation, the nurse will:

  • Ask about your situation and needs
  • Explain our programs
  • Ask for permission to speak with your doctor about the care you require
  • Ensure you understand the consent forms you will be asked to sign if you are admitted into care
  • Describe who will be caring for you on your care team
  • Provide contact information and a copy of our A Plan for Life: Personal Journal and Resource Guide

The initial conversation will be followed up with a visit from another member of your care team. Together, you will develop a plan of care that enables you to remain in control and live your life according to what is important to you.

Giving Consent

After you have had a conversation with the admissions nurse, you will need to provide written consent to be admitted into care. Please download and read the following consent/election documents. Be sure the Patient Consent and Election of Hospice Benefit forms include your signature for the date of admission (this may be different than the current date). All forms should be faxed to our admissions department at (813) 651-7301.

Contact Us Today

To get information and support, please call us at (813) 651-7300